LINK in law.

We provide our clients with peace of mind because we take our work personally and do it with pleasure. We are always there for our clients and partners.

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About us

Law Firm LINKLaw offers high-quality legal services in all main areas of law. The team consists of dedicated professionals who have worked together for years and who, in addition to the main areas of law, advise clients in areas which require specific training and experience. Due to their pro-active approach, LINKLaw lawyers are able to anticipate and avoid a significant part of the client’s problems. But if litigation is unavoidable, they are ready to assist the client even in the most complex and sizable civil and administrative court disputes.

LINKLaw is the gateway to the best solutions.


Our people.

Triin Biesinger

Attorney-at-law | Partner

Kairi Kurisoo-Pärn

Attorney-at-law | Partner

Veiko Viisileht

Attorney-at-law | Managing Partner

Reesa Laur

Attorney-at-law | Partner

Liina Rekand


Maksim Kozlov


Kaarel Tammar


Annika Klettenberg


Iivi Otto


Evelin Rikkinen

Office Manager