Intellectual Property and IT Law.

Intellectual property has a key importance in the economic and professional activities of many companies. Unfortunately, even today, it is not rare that matters related to intellectual property seem distant and foreign to many and are therefore undervalued. The adequate and timely protection of intellectual property can lead to an increase in the value of intellectual property and the whole company or professional activity, and it also reduces risks and costs, including costs related to possible disputes.
We advise our clients in all areas related to intellectual property. If necessary, we cooperate with patent attorneys to ensure the best protection of our clients’ interests and rights both in Estonia and elsewhere in the world.

We also have long-term experience in the field of information technology (IT) law. In many cases, an innovative and well-functioning IT and technological solution is a company’s main asset, therefore its protection is highly important.

We advise and represent clients in, among other things, the following:
  • providing advice about the registration and protection of intellectual property
  • preparing and negotiating agreements related to intellectual property, including development agreements, acquisition and transfer agreements, license agreements, franchise agreements, service and employment agreements related to intellectual property, confidentiality agreements, sales, distribution and marketing agreements
  • preparing and negotiating software and hardware-related agreements, including procurement, development, license, software-as-a-service, maintenance, outsourcing and other agreements for support services
  • consulting in the field of e-commerce and online services, including preparation of the terms of use for online services
  • consulting on mergers and acquisitions of companies operating in the IT and technology sector, and providing the daily consultation for such companies
Selection of recent projects:
  • Sterotek Film

    Advising in relation to various documentaries, such as “Ott Tänak: The Movie”, “Legends of the Winding Road”, “The Real Rannap”, “Ruja – Banned!”, “Estonian Soil and Estonian Ruja”, and others.

  • Freeport OÜ

    Advising on drafting terms of use for the customs clearance software platform for e-commerce shipments

  • Q-Step Logiciel OÜ

    Drafting software development agreements and software-as-a-service agreements for Q-Step Logiciel OÜ, a company offering software solutions for handling air cargo, mail and e-commerce logistics.

  • Asymmetric Studios OÜ

    Counselling in connection with the theatrical film project ‘Pinocchio,’ including advising on matters related to various pre-production agreements; contracts related to the film’s screenplay, agreements with producers and distributors; legal counselling on the regulation of intellectual property, copyright, and other issues related to film production and distribution

  • Viru Keemia Grupp AS

    Advising on drafting and negotiating the agreements related to the implemetation of the new business software, incl. the development agreements, license agreements, etc.

  • IT sector entrepreneurs

    Advising Genius Sports Services Eesti OÜ, ASA Quality Services OÜ, and others regarding drafting their everyday business contracts and negotiating thereof with their partners

  • Netikino portal

    Drafting and negotiating the portal software development contract, drafting the terms of use of the portal, drafting and negotiating the distribution agreements with rights’ holders