Administrative Law.

A local government and state authority that operate smoothly and properly is a value that should be and is worth striving for. From a legal point of view, this means efficient administrative proceedings, legislation that is reasoned, timely, and adopted on time, and reliable dispute resolution. We have long-term experience in representing and advising local governments and state institutions in a wide variety of state and administrative law issues. We also assist companies in their communication with local governments and state institutions.

We prefer an approach that is based on cooperation and resolving disputes through negotiations, as this is the fastest way to reach a satisfactory result for all parties. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to settle disputes by reaching a mutual agreement, in which case we do our best to achieve our client’s objectives in the course proceedings.

We advise and represent clients in, among other things, the following:
  • providing advice regarding the lawfulness of administrative proceedings in different areas, including general principles of the local government, state liability, spatial plans, construction, procurement, education, environmental issues, various licensing procedures, ownership reform, and public and private sector partnership projects (PPP);
  • consulting related to the preparation and the preparation of draft legislation (including administrative acts and general acts);
  • consulting clients in connection with the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, including the protection of property, freedom of enterprise, right to court, etc. If necessary, initiating court proceedings in order to request that a provision is declared unconstitutional;
  • advising on negotiations related to administrative contracts and preparing contract documents, including contracts under public law;
  • civil service;
  • preparation of legal opinions on the above-mentioned matters;
  • representing local governments and state authorities in disputes, including challenge proceedings and administrative court proceedings;
  • representing companies and private persons in disputes with local governments and state authorities, including submitting damage claims under the State Liability Act.
Selection of recent projects:
  • City of Tallinn

    Representing in various court disputes

  • Viimsi Municipality

    Representing in various administrative court disputes

  • Kanepi Municipality

    Representing in court disputes related to the mining permit application process

  • Estonian Ministry of Defense

    Advising and representing in administrative court disputes related to national defense interests and in daily matters related to administrative law