Insolvency and Rehabilitation

We offer consultation services to creditors and debtors in all insolvency and rehabilitation matters and proceedings.

We advise and represent clients, among other things, in the following areas:

  • preparing for the bankruptcy or rehabilitation proceedings or for the reorganization of debts, including analysis of the economic situation of the legal person and preparation of an action plan;
  • client representation in negotiations with debtors and creditors;
  • preparing the required documentation for initiating bankruptcy or rehabilitation proceedings, including bankruptcy warning, bankruptcy petition, rehabilitation petition or debt reorganization application;
  • preparation and submission of claims in the bankruptcy proceedings, preparation of the application to exclude property from the bankruptcy estate and other documents related to the bankruptcy proceedings;
  • submitting claims against the shareholder or the board member who is personally responsible for the liabilities of the company;
  • client representation in the bankruptcy proceedings, including at bankruptcy committees and general meetings of the creditors (including during meetings for the defence of claims) and in the court;
  • consulting in cross-border bankruptcy proceedings;
  • consulting in relation to the rehabilitation of the company and preparing the necessary documentation, including rehabilitation plan, reorganization plan, debt reorganization plan or drafting a compromise agreement;
  • activities related to the termination and liquidation of a legal person.


Contact person: attorney Kaarel Tammar (Email Kaarel).

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