Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately, it is always not possible to avoid disputes and therefore, an important part of our everyday work consists of trying to find compromises and representing clients in court disputes. We have compiled a work group that consists of attorneys who are specialised in dispute resolution and legal proceedings. Our litigation team consists of experts who in addition to litigation in the court have vast knowledge in specific administrative disputes and environmental, public procurement and planning areas. We have experience in defending the position and interests of claimants, respondents, appellants, third persons as well as administrative bodies and can therefore appreciate the versatility of each individual case, assess the prospects of the dispute and analyse the bigger picture for the client which make it possible to ensure the optimal defence for the client. We also advise and represent clients in arbitral proceedings, including during the conclusion of an arbitration agreement, and have prior experience acting as arbitrators.

Our dispute resolution and court proceedings team has experience representing clients also at international judicial bodies. For example, we have represented clients at the European Court of Justice and at the European Court of Human Rights. We have also represented the European Commission itself in legal disputes which has provided us an invaluable perspective from the Commission’s point of view. We are able to objectively assess the client’s situation and decide from that whether it would practical and reasonable to proceed with the case outside of the Estonian legal system. Our specialists have expert knowledge of the European Union law and are familiar with the European institutions, organs and agencies. Only through the aforementioned is it possible to ensure that there is a successful proceeding that protects the rights and interests of the client.

We advise and represent clients, among other things, in the following areas:

  • preparing an objective legal assessment to the client’s position and devising a procedural strategy for the arbitral or court proceedings or for the avoidance of these, depending on the situation;
  • preparing and presenting all the necessary procedural documents in civil or administrative court proceedings or in arbitration proceedings;
  • concluding arbitration agreements and forming arbitral tribunals;
  • initiating, mediating and participating in negotiations for a compromise, also preparing and concluding compromise agreements;
  • representing employers and employees at the labour dispute committee, including preparing and presenting applications and other necessary documents;
  • representing clients at the Public Procurement Review Committee;
  • representing clients at the European Court of Justice and at the European Court of Human Rights;
  • consulting in the preparation of procedural documents regarding the securement or fulfilment of a decision.

Contact person in administrative proceedings: partner Triin Biesinger (Email Triin).

Contact person in civil and arbitral proceedings: partner Veiko Viisileht (Email Veiko).

 Selection of works

  • Consultation and representation of Viru Keemia Grupp AS, one of Estonia’s biggest companies, and its subsidiaries in different civil and administrative proceedings (including against Eesti Energia Kaevandused AS, the Environmental Board (Keskkonnaamet) and the Ministry of Environment).
  • Representation of railway companies in the court dispute.
  • Representation of the city of Tallinn in different administrative court disputes, including in court disputes related to the House of Blackheads (Mustpeade maja).
  • Representation of AS Merko Ehitus group enterprises and Riverito AS in environmental court disputes.
  • Representation of the city of Keila in court proceedings in damages claim.
  • Representation of various clients in court disputes regarding the acquiring of land under nature protection.
  • Representation of Järva County Government in the court disputes regarding the thematic planning of the main national highway in Estonia (Tallinn-Tartu).
  • Representation of Eesti Pagar AS in state aid related court disputes.
  • Representation and consultation of AS Skanska in court disputes regarding state aid.
  • Consultation and representation of the subsidiaries of AS Tallinna Sadam in the high-profile public procurement disputes regarding ferries.
  • Representation of OÜ Prestone in court disputes related to servitude.
  • Representation of IGLU OÜ in court disputes.
  • Representation of OÜ Järve Biopuhastus, the biggest water undertaker in the Ida-Virumaa region, in different disputes that arose from the contract for services concluded on the FIDIC conditions and in public procurement matters.
  • Representation of Ramboll Eesti AS in different employment and court disputes.
  • Representation of Arkaadia Kapital AS and its subsidiaries in different disputes.
  • Representation of different local government bodies (Audru parish, Saku parish, the city of Narva) and private parties in planning and other administrative court disputes.
  • Representation of clients at the Court of Arbitration of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in disputes regarding the fee for the right of superficies and in civil law partnership disputes.
  • Representation of Citadele Bank against OÜ Dekoil in damage dispute.
  • Representation of the European Commission.
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