Construction and Planning

LINKLaw lawyers have a long-standing experience advising construction companies, real estate developers, architects, developers, construction supervisors, local governments and concerned persons. We have handled sizeable development and real estate projects, established significant compromises and participated in court disputes which have become leading cases in the field and helped to improve the construction and planning law in Estonia.

We offer workable solutions in all real estate development, construction, acquisition and transfer and exploitation matters. We have advised clients for years in the following planning areas that require expert knowledge: mineral resources, energy and security.

For a client, it is essential that we are able to rely on our wide knowledge and pro-active approach. In addition, we include qualified partners and experts from other fields when necessary, e.g. in finance and insurance. This enables us to provide full services to the client and defend the client’s interests in the best possible manner in all construction and planning related legal matters, among other things, in the following areas:

  • consulting and representing developers, local governments and concerned persons in planning proceedings;
  • consulting and representing clients when applying for design conditions, building permits and authorisations for use and in all related administrative proceedings;
  • consultation related to the regularisation of buildings and representing the owners at the local governments;
  • preparing and negotiating agreements in the planning and construction field, including local and FIDIC standards;
  • preparing and negotiating agreements for the financing and realization of spatial plans;
  • questions regarding the copyright of construction design documentation;
  • preparing and negotiating consortium agreements;
  • consulting and representing developers and local government bodies during all phases of negotiations;
  • defending the client’s interests in all construction and planning related disputes, including in civil and administrative court. Settling all possible disputes related to this field.

Contact person: partner Veiko Viisileht (Email Veiko).


Selection of works

  • Consultation and representation of different local government bodies (Audru parish, Saku parish, city of Narva) and private parties in planning disputes.
  • Consultation and representation of the city of Tallinn in matters related the fulfilment of the obligation to finish the construction of the road.
  • Representation of Järva County Government (Järva Maavalitsus) in the court disputes regarding the thematic planning of the main national highway in Estonia (Tallinn-Tartu).
  • Representation of the Ministry of Defence and the county governor of Ida-Viru in various legal matters and disputes related to the establishment of sizeable infrastructure objects.
  • Consultation and representation of AS Skanska in leading construction disputes, including relations between contractors and designers and their liability.
  • Representation and consultation of KMG Inseneriehituse AS, Estonia’s leading builder of design-project facilities, in matters and disputes that arose from the contracts for services.
  • Consultation of Viru Keemia Grupp in the preparation and negotiations of contracts related to different development projects (including construction, design and procurement agreements).
  • Preparation of agreements needed during the development of the new shopping centre in the city centre of Tallinn and participation in related negotiations.


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