Commercial and Corporate Law

In order to gain or maintain a competitive edge over the competitors, it is necessary to be able to adopt quick decisions regarding everyday matters in the company. In haste, one should not forget that besides considering the potential profit the adopted decisions should also adhere to the applicable laws. Our lawyers have provided legal services in commercial and corporate law for more than ten years and therefore, have a long-standing practical experience in the field.

We advise and represent clients, among other things, in the following areas:

  • founding and registering private limited companies, public limited companies, general partnerships, limited partnerships, commercial associations, civil law partnerships and other Estonian and European companies, European Economic Interest Groupings, branches, agencies, non-profit associations and foundations;
  • providing advice during the establishment of companies abroad;
  • structuring and restructuring legal persons and groups;
  • merger, division and transformation of companies;
  • conducting and organising the legal due diligence of the companies;
  • preparing agreements and other necessary documents, including shareholders’ agreements, minutes and decisions of the general meeting, meeting of shareholders, meeting of the management board and supervisory board members, the articles of association of companies;
  • conducting a general meeting of the company;
  • the liability of the management of the company;
  • advising companies in their daily business activities, including entries to the commercial registry;
  • liquidating legal persons.

Contact person: attorney Kaarel Tammar (Email Kaarel).

Kaarel Tammar also belongs to the Estonian Bar Association Commercial Law Committee.

Selection of publications

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