Helping with preparations for the international moot court competition

LINKLaw - 18.02.2016

Yesterday on the 17 February 2016 Law Firm LINKLaw had the opportunity to host students from the law faculty of the University of Tartu during the preparations for the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. LINKLaw’s attorney-at-law Reesa Paatsi and lawyer Kaisa Üksik presided as arbitrators in the mock proceedings and gave their two cents to the students on how to improve their presentations in the competition.

Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot is an international moot court competition for law students across the word. During the competition, students test their skills and knowledge by defending both the claimant’s and the respondent’s case on the substantive and procedural matters. Nearly 300 teams take part from the competition every year, with the addition of approximately thousand practitioners and scholars. During the competition teams are to draft a written memorandum, one as a representative of the claimant and one as the representative of the respondent. This is followed by the preparations for the oral presentations during which time the team takes part from the various pre-moots organised across the world. Previously the team has participated in the pre-moots held, for example, in Helsinki, Stockholm and New York. The final oral rounds will take place in Vienna, Austria where the team will face other teams and the final results on the scores are announced.

This year the final oral rounds shall take place from 18 – 24 March and LINKLaw’s lawyer Kaisa Üksik will yet again take part of the oral rounds as an arbitrator. The law faculty of the University of Tartu is represented this year in the competition by Henri Ratnik, Evelin Prunt, Inga Järvekülg and Triin Dampf. LINKLaw wishes the team lots of endurance and success during the preparations and triumphant results in Vienna!

More information about the competition is available here.

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